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Clivia in my heart

In March, it is like the season when “the sunrise is red and the fire is shining, and the spring is green and blue”. This is the first time I have come to Shanghai. It is also straightforward to say that I came to Shanghai Clivia with my goals and hopes. Since then I have become a member of the Clivia family. Fortunately, I have not shown any signs of acclimatization so far, but I also want to thank the parents for preparing the soil for my hometown.


Clivia and BASF jointly build a joint laboratory

On July 6th, the Clivia Coatings Group and BASF Joint Lab held a grand opening ceremony in Heshan City Clivia. Group President Deng Wengen, Heshan City Junzilan General Manager Ma Yingxiang, Technical Director Wang Qingsheng, and BASF Greater China General Manager Mr. Gu Tao, Yang Shaohua, and Lu Zhufu Regional Manager attended the opening ceremony.


Guangdong Province Furniture Industry Waterborne Wood Coatings Exhibition Experience Center Unveiled

On December 6, 2013, the unveiling ceremony of the Waterborne Wood Coatings Exhibition Experience Center of the Guangdong Furniture Industry was held in Longjiang Town, Shunde District, Foshan City.


Waterborne wood coating spring

Clivia Group seizes the opportunity to accelerate the promotion of waterborne wood coatings


[Industry event] Jinhao executives visit Wanjiayuan wood industry environmental protection coating process

Jinhao executives visit Wanjiayuan wood industry environmental protection painting process


Clivia Waterborne Project Team Makes a Major Breakthrough in Wanjiayuan

As the country further deepened environmental protection reform, Shandong Zibo Wanjiayuan Wood Industry took the lead in implementing the project of “oil” and “water” as the leading enterprise in the domestic wooden door industry. As a trustworthy partner of Zibo Wanjiayuan Wood Industry Co., Ltd., Clivia Group has undertaken the technical challenge of Wanjiayuan Wood's water-based transformation project.


100% responsibility | Clivia Shanghai company special training

Execution comes from responsibility, and responsibility determines execution. How to improve the execution of company employees? The answer is to create an atmosphere that enhances the sense of responsibility of the work, and to improve the execution of the work with responsibility.