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Show product image to promote brand strength

Clivia Group participates in the 7th China International Furniture (North) Exhibition


Clivia, a low-key pioneer – exclusive interview with Xiao Guangping, general manager of Climber Group, Heshan Company

The brand concept of Clivia's “inheriting ecological beauty” is not only a slogan, but the great vision of “painting the United States and painting the world” is not an empty talk.


[Interview] Clivia Paint Shines Furniture Machinery Materials Exhibition Water-based Business Steady Progress – Interview with Xiao Guangping, General Manager of Clivia Paint

China (Guangdong) International Furniture Machinery and Materials Exhibition on 11 Yue 9 Hao opened in GD Modern International Exhibition Center. Clivia Coatings Group, which specializes in furniture lacquer for more than 20 years, debuted at the theme of “Water-based paint, UV paint overall solution leader”.


Clivia and Covestro inherit the ecological beauty

On December 28th, it was a memorable day. The Shanghai factory of Clivia Group held a signing ceremony and unveiling ceremony for the “Costron & Clivia Joint Laboratory”. Mr. Zhong Xiaobin, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific, Cossack Coatings, Adhesives and Specialty Chemicals Business Unit (CAS Division), Mr. Lu Weiguo, Senior Vice President, Greater China, CAS, Costron, and Commercial Director, Costron CAS, China Ms. Changhong, Ma Huifeng, Chairman of the Clivia Group, Sun Lianying, President of China Coatings Industry Association, Luo Qingchang, Director of Taisheng Furniture Production, Hu Xiuqiang, General Manager of Yige Yunmumen, and Dr. Yang Ling, Technical Director of CAS Department of Keshi Chuang, witnessed this industry leader. At the historical moment, they jointly attended the signing ceremony. HC Coatings Network was also invited to attend and witness this historical moment.


100% responsibility | Clivia Shanghai company special training

Execution comes from responsibility, and responsibility determines execution. How to improve the execution of company employees? The answer is to create an atmosphere that enhances the sense of responsibility of the work, and to improve the execution of the work with responsibility.