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2018On July 6th, the Clivia Coatings Group and BASF Joint Lab held a grand opening ceremony in Heshan City Clivia. Group President Deng Wengen, Heshan City Junzilan General Manager Ma Yingxiang, Technical Director Wang Qingsheng, and BASF Greater China General Manager Mr. Gu Tao, Yang Shaohua, and Lu Zhufu Regional Manager attended the opening ceremony. 

At 10 o’clock in the morning, everyone gathered in the third floor executive meeting room to hold an exchange meeting before the unveiling. General Manager Ma Yingxiang introduced the general situation and development history of Clivia to the guests, especially the completion of the newly-launched Clivia Shanghai branch, which marked the rapid development of Clivia over the years. Clivia has grown from a small chemical plant 18 years ago to a current group company, and has become a leading company in the field of furniture lacquer. It can be seen that Clivia has a persistent pursuit of professionalism. Subsequently, Mr. Gu Tao, Director of BASF Greater China, introduced the overall situation of BASF in China. From the introduction of Mr. Gu Tao, you can feel the strength of international companies and the leading technology. BASF is involved in many fields, BASF’s production. Bases, R&D centers, sales points and other institutions are spread across the country. Following the introduction of BASF’s director Yang Shaohua on BASF’s business on coatings, from the introduction of Yang’s supervisor, it may be seen that BASF’s analysis and research preparations for customers are sufficient. The aspects he mentioned are all current concerns. . Wang Qingsheng’s technical director introduced the application of the current water-based paint market to the guests, including the current development trend of water-based paints, the technical difficulties of water-based paints, and the understanding of water-based paints by end customers.

Through exchanges, everyone is full of confidence in the future development of the joint laboratory between Clivia and BASF. In the process of communication, Ouyang Gong of the Technical Department, Xu Gong, who is responsible for the water-based laboratory project, and Hu Dongfu, the regional manager, and Yang Shaohua, have a good interaction in the discussion of water-based colorants, pigments, emulsions, additives, etc. There will be many meaningful practical topics in the future joint lab.

After the exchange meeting, the unveiling ceremony of the joint laboratory was held at the Heshan Clivia Technology R&D Center Building. With a congratulatory applause, President Deng Wengen of the Clivia Group and Mr. Gu Tao, General Manager of BASF Greater China jointly conducted a simple and meaningful opening ceremony for the joint laboratory.

The official listing of the joint laboratory marks the cooperation between Junzilan and BASF in the technical field, providing an advanced technology research and development platform for the development of water-based coatings for Clivia. It is believed that in the days to come, under the close cooperation between Clivia and BASF, the joint laboratory will play an active role in jointly opening up a new world in the field of waterborne wood coatings.