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2018In March, it is like the season when “the sunrise is red and the fire is shining, and the spring is green and blue”. This is the first time I have come to Shanghai. It is also straightforward to say that I came to Shanghai Clivia with my goals and hopes. Since then I have become a member of the Clivia family. Fortunately, I have not shown any signs of acclimatization so far, but I also want to thank the parents for preparing the soil for my hometown. 

 While thanking CZV for giving me this job opportunity, I also have to thank the leaders for their attention to me. It is good to tell the truth when I first entered our company, and I did not expect it. Everyone is very enthusiastic, and every colleague gave me a smile that is unique to Gentleman. Simple self-introduction, but not without sincerity. In this way, I also met several fellow villagers, and the local sounds were difficult to change, and the wanderings were deep. The partners are very happy to teach me how to do things, how to deal with problems, talk about the different situations before and now, and talk about the experience of myself and others. From the workshop to the cafeteria, and from the cafeteria to the bedroom. At that time, I was really sitting in the spring breeze. I really hope that I can understand myself and live up to the teachings of the masters.

       The 21st century is an incomprehensible century. We can say that it is an era of technologicalization. It can also be said that it is an information age, and it can be said that it is an era of weak meat. But we all understand that in this age of prosperity, it is impossible to improve our work efficiency by hard work. Innovation, only innovation is the shortcut to improve efficiency. I also hope to include innovative spirit in the future work and contribute a small amount of power to the company. As a new employee, I also hope that I can integrate into the team of Clivia as soon as possible, integrate into the culture of Clivia, and more importantly, add to our company as soon as possible.

       Our partners in the production department are not bad for me. Of course, I am also a production person, but my heart is in the sales department. how to say! I think every colleague of our company should be centered on the sales department, and we have to do the job well because our departments are all serving the sales department. For example, how should we improve our own quality so that foreign customers can feel it at once? Our Clivia has its connotation. In fact, it is also very simple to pay more attention to our words and demeanor, a little more smile of our gentleman. Pay attention to the personal image, let the customers know that the good paint is in Clivia. This may be the reason why we almost never advertise. Every employee of the entire group company is the best image spokesperson. I think that my “predecessors” have done a good job and I have to continue to carry forward.

      Only by acquaintance can we intersect and be able to integrate; only integration can understand; only inheritance can develop; only by investigating and understanding can we develop and innovate. We don’t imitate others, but we want to be a model for others. This is our company, our Clivia, there will always be our existence here, and now we will be the history of Clivia.

                                                                               Shanghai Jun Zilan Zhou Gui