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2018On December 6, 2013, the unveiling ceremony of the Waterborne Wood Coatings Exhibition Experience Center of the Guangdong Furniture Industry was held in Longjiang Town, Shunde District, Foshan City. 

Wang Ke, president of Guangdong Furniture Association, Huang Kai, president of Guangdong Coatings Association, relevant leaders of Foshan City, Shunde District and Longjiang Town, and representatives of water-based coatings such as Dabao, Clivia, and Chinese Paints attended the unveiling ceremony. Roger Camer, director of marketing for the adhesives manufacturer Foreman GmbH & Co. KG, also participated in the unveiling. The opening ceremony was presided over by Zhang Jianxin, Executive Dean of Shunde Furniture Research and Development Institute, and the representative of Junzilan Group attended the meeting by Wang Daxian.

 Clivia Group, with many years of focus on the development of water-based wood coatings, through the market customer application feedback, Clivia waterborne wood coatings have established a good brand image in the market. In this unveiling ceremony, the company fully demonstrated the strength of the company and the professionalism of the products. It introduced the water-based wood coatings developed by the company in detail, and at the same time made a full display through physical objects, samples and promotional materials. Peers and leaders at all levels are highly appreciated and recognized.


Wang Ke, the president of the provincial association, said that with the improvement of people’s living standards, the requirements of the country and customers for environmental protection are getting higher and higher. Longjiang Town is the furniture manufacturing base of China. It is the capital of Chinese furniture materials and the establishment of water-based wood coatings. The Experience Center is a perfect match between the waterborne wood coatings and the technical display of the furniture, and further advances the docking of waterborne wood coatings with downstream customers. The unveiling of the Waterborne Wood Coatings Exhibition Experience Center of the Guangdong Province Furniture Industry is another important achievement in promoting the docking of waterborne coatings and the furniture industry.


 Around the experience center, the actual effects of the water-based paints of Dabao, Clivia, and Valspar are sprayed onto the furniture panels. Established at the same time as the Waterborne Wood Coatings Exhibition Experience Center, as well as the vocational skills training base of the Chinese furniture industry.


 Roger Carmel said that the waterborne wood coating display experience will be very timely. If there is an exhibition or forum for waterborne coatings on the display experience, Foreman GmbH & Co. is willing to send professional technicians to share with you. Co., Ltd. adhesive products.

 Through this waterborne wood coating experience, Clivia Paint will continue to work hard for the vision of Clivia’s “Painting China, Paint World”, and continue to increase investment in scientific research and deepen market services in the next work. The development and production of high-quality, environmentally-friendly water-based wood coatings contribute to the environmental protection of all human beings.