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Cooperation and Mutual
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Regular training on products, technologies and services

Profound and Reliable Clivia is set of wood coatings R & D, production and sales of modern high-tech enterprise group. It is one of China's largest national brand of coatings. Now Clivia has been with BASF, Bayer, DSM and other international well-known chemical enterprises to establish a long-term stable cooperative relations. We have a professional engineer led by the after-sales service team, long-standing customer production site, timely and rapid solution to customers in actual production problems faced. Long term customer trust us.

The reputation of Clivia: Be kind, be practical, and relentlessly pursue excellence in product quality!

Good quality, Be the first choice

After more than 20 years of efforts, Clivia has become a famous brand in the industry and has become the preferred industry for many customers. We adhere to the concept of “Paint Beauty China, Paint Beauty World” all the time!

service system

R & D strength

Group R&D center, branch R&D project center; Congzilan has more than 20 years of R&D experience, able to convert “soft power” into its own “hard power” and provide R&D support for market development.

Brand Building

Clivia lacquer; over twenty years of accumulation and development, Clivia has won numerous prestigious honors in the paint industry; the participation of several consecutive exhibitions has made the brand image of Clivia lacquer more popular!

Logistics system

The four production bases cover the nationwide logistics channels, providing you with more convenient and efficient logistics and transportation

sales support

Group marketing center; provide complete sales support and marketing experience to fully support market development

service support

Professional technical service team; with technical service team led by professional engineers, staying at the customer production site, timely and promptly solve the problems you face.

Cooperation Process

Research and investigation

The regional manager visits in person and communicates with the cooperative customers to understand the specific situation of the customer.

Market research

The regional manager accompanied the cooperative customers to inspect the local market and understand their specific market needs in order to better formulate the market development strategy.

signing the contract

The preliminary investigations and investigations by both parties were completed, and the contents of cooperation products and market coverage areas were discussed in depth, and cooperation contracts were signed.

Market Development

The Group helps its partners to quickly launch projects, provide team support, assist customers in negotiating, expand market share and stabilize sales.

Market penetration

After the initial market stability, assist the cooperative customers to further develop the market, increase market share and improve sales performance.

Contract renewal

Renewal of the contract each year to obtain more marketing support from the group.