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Group culture

For more than 20 years, Clivia has never stopped to pursue the dream!

Creation makes progress. Clivia has always adhered to its pursuit and embraced its original intention. 8.With the sweat and wisdom of generations of Clivia, it has become a modern high-tech enterprise group that integrates the research, development, production and sales of wood coatings. Clivia has become one of the largest national coatings enterprises in China!

Clivia's core value system

Clivia Vision

Paint the United States, paint the world

Clivia mission

Cultivate elites in the coatings industry and build industry-leading brands

Clivia customer view

Win-win cooperation and common growth

Clivia product view

Stability is overwhelming

Gentleman style

Serious, fast, and committed

Clivia's working attitude

Positive, active, optimistic, and guaranteed results


Keep upright and brave

Clivia's talent concept

Loyal and honest, professional and enterprising

Clivia's core competitiveness

Highly applicable technical capabilities; strategic regional production and sales layout; stable national network capabilities; professional and comprehensive service capabilities


Hainan Baichuan's employer's mind. Clivia believes that talent is the company's most important asset, and the basic principle for talent is to be a river. Clivia has attracted many professionals from different backgrounds and different regions (including Taiwan). So far, it has formed a fully professional management team. Through a series of professional transformation programs, the interests of employees and the interests of enterprises are unified and maintained. The core team has been stable for many years and has made a unique contribution to the flourishing development of Clivia.

The Everlasting Talent Mechanism of the

Foundation Why can Clivia's paints be able to supply a steady stream of talent? How to make this state continue to develop? It is the fundamental method to establish a stable, long-term, and motivating and common development talent mechanism. In Clivia Coatings, a lifelong training program was established for most employees, and it was named "Talent Development Tree." Through such a series of planning, the development direction of careers is established for the grassroots, middle-level and high-level employees, so that each type of talent can find its own position in the enterprise and realize unlimited development. In line with the “Talent Development Tree”, Clivia Coatings has also developed a series of long-term incentive programs in line with international norms, including performance-based incentive programs, entrepreneurial programs, and long-term training programs. These programs give every Climber-loving employee significant support for personal development.

Unique and professional talent characteristics

Clivia Paint believes that only a large-scale talent team is not enough, and each must be carefully selected to create a combat team. As a young company starting from scratch, the required talents must not only have general management knowledge and experience, but also have a highly unified character in the inner world. These characteristics constitute the basic characteristics of Clivia paint talents: professionalism and entrepreneurship. As a highly respected company, we propose that “the fields are different and the professional heights are absolutely the same”. In the enterprise, whether it is marketing, technology, production, or logistics, they are pursuing to become industry experts in their respective fields, not just satisfied with generalization. “You are very professional” is the best compliment to people in the company. The vitality of the company is not only from the daily step-by-step, Clivia Coatings advocates everyone to consciously and creatively manage their own fields. “Every employee is the general manager of his own field”. After quantitative analysis, the value of each job is calculated. Encourage employees to learn the skills, create value for the enterprise, maximize personal value, and even become an entrepreneur.