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One of the famous national coatings enterprises in China

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Founded in 1994, Clivia Group was established in Shunde, China's paint capital. After 20 years of continuous improvement, The Clivia brand has gone out of Shunde and developed throughout the country. The distribution network has spread all over the country and has become a modern high-tech enterprise integrating research, development, production and sales of wood coatings. The Group is wholly-owned by Shanghai Clivia New Material Co., Ltd., Heshan Clivia Coating Co., Ltd., Chengdu Clivia Coating Co., Ltd., and Clivia Coatings (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., which is one of the well-known national coating enterprises in China.

Clivia Group aims to ensure customer satisfaction and unswervingly provide customers with stable and high-quality products and professional and comprehensive services. All its subsidiaries have passed ISO9001 quality system certification, national 3C compulsory certification, and China environmental label certification. We have successively won the "Guangdong Famous Trademark", "Guangdong High-Quality Coating Products", "Guangdong High-tech Enterprise", "Shanghai High-tech Enterprise", "Tianjin High-tech Enterprise", "China Top Ten Furniture Coating Brand", "China's top ten ecological coating brands" and other titles. On the other hand, the group has an after-sales service team led by professional engineers, who are stationed at the customer's production site, timely and promptly solve the problems faced by the actual production, and extend the product-related full-service to the terminal. Therefore, we have won the long-term trust of users.

Absorption makes profession! For more than 20 years, Clivia has focused on the field of furniture lacquer, and has been deeply researching and developing in the field of furniture lacquer. Since its development, Clivia has become one of the most representative benchmarks in the Chinese furniture coating industry! In the development of Clivia for many years, we have served in various segments of the furniture industry.The great achievements have been achieved in wooden doors, cabinets, bathroom, office suites, etc. Especially in the high-end furniture enterprises, we have won the unanimous approval of everyone! Among them, the field of wooden doors and the export of American cabinets are particularly outstanding:

The field of wooden doors: Through continuous layout, the technical accumulation of Clivia in UV and water-based level has been in the forefront of industry development. In the field of wooden door UV, we advocate "UV mechanization" and promote the whole wooden door industry from the traditional manual to the mechanized production-oriented coating reform road. In the field of water-borne wooden door, Clivia helped WANJIAYUAN become the first wooden door enterprise and environmental protection technology transformation in China to complete the "oil to water" production line.

Exporting American cabinets: Since 2005, Clivia has been closely integrated with the cabinet industry and is committed to promoting the industrial upgrading of environmentally friendly coatings in the cabinet industry. In the field of cabinets, Clivia is deeply immersed in the application of exporting American cabinets. In the product development and coating process, it has experienced “PU bottom + NC surface” – “AC bottom + AC surface” – “UV bottom + AC surface” – "UV bottom + UV surface" - "UV bottom + water surface" - "water-based bottom + water-based surface" six-stage system, each stage strictly follows the American Cabinet Association KCMA testing standards to ensure the export of American cabinet products And can meet the standard requirements of KCMA. Clivia promotes the development of the cabinet industry and promotes the growth of its own brand. At the same time, it leads the industrial upgrading of the environmental protection coating method in the home industry. At present, the American cabinets exported by Clivia paint each year reach 16,000~18000 standard cabinets, occupying the amount of paint used for exporting American cabinets. More than 65% market share

Clivia maintains innovation and development.

20 years of continuous improvement

In order to improve the long-term vitality and competitiveness of enterprises, whether it is production research and development or internal management, Clivia maintains innovation and development. All subsidiaries have established standardized laboratories, and continuously introduced advanced R & D and testing equipment at home and abroad. Adopting the industry leading automation coating production filling system, effectively ensuring the quality of products. We have established long-term and stable cooperative relations with international famous chemical enterprises, such as Kosco, Basf and Dismann, and have unswervingly optimized the product mix with the goal of green, healthy and efficient. Production and research from the traditional nitro paint, acid curing paint and other gradual transition to green environmental protection of UV paint, water-based paint; In 2014, Clivia and Bike Chemical Germany set up a joint laboratory of water-based coatings, leading the paint industry a new trend of environmental protection and natural health coating. In addition, Clivia perseveres in bringing in talents from major universities at home and abroad, making use of professional institutions to create management echelon and personnel training mechanism, in order to convey a steady stream of vitality.

In the past 20 years, Clivia has witnessed the development of Chinese coatings. In the new 20 years, Clivia will continue to pursue its dream. Adhering to the concept of "inheriting ecological beauty", we should build a beautiful China and advocate ecological civilization. Sticking to the value of "originating from society and returning to society" and realizing the great vision of "Paint Beauty China·Paint Beauty World” , Clivia will continue to create brilliance.

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