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Leading the "new trend" of environmentally friendly natural and healthy coatings in the coatings industry

Clivia Group – Legendary

Twenty years is the pursuit, innovation, and honor! Looking back on the development path of Clivia in the past 20 years, it has gathered the hard work of the gentlemen and the spirit of "passing the ecological beauty, lacquering the Chinese dream", establishing the corporate brand with health and environmental protection, and building the legend of the paint industry with safety and peace of mind. ..

Song of Clivia

The song of Clivia, as a song that can inspire the cohesiveness and unity of the Clivia, has inspired several generations of gentlemen to bravely and never give up!

Clivia Group – Grateful Heart

Grateful heart, gentleman orchid thank you for your peers! Grateful, an eternal topic, everyone should be grateful, because only everyone is grateful, you will find that the world is so beautiful, life is so happy. The Clivia Group has always been like this, with a customer...

Clivia Group – Outstanding Contribution Award…

Clivia Group's 20th Anniversary Outstanding Contribution Award! Every job, you are doing your duty and live up to expectations; every detail, you are always striving for excellence. You are the scorpion cow who works hard, and works diligently and selflessly. ...

Clivia Promo

Since the society was attributed to society, in the past two decades, the gentlemans have witnessed the development of Chinese paint. The new 20 years is a new cycle, and the gentlemen will not stop pursuing their dreams. The great vision of “painting the United States and painting the world”, Clivia once again set sail strongly,...

Clivia Group – Honor Movies

20 years of glory, 20 years of honor! The 20-year honor is an affirmation of the past of Clivia, and it is an incentive for the future of Clivia! These 20 years are unforgettable, passionate, and more exciting!

Clivia Group – Tianjin Promo…

Tianjin Junzilan, located in Qikou Town, Wuqing District, Tianjin, uses automated production systems for high-precision feeding, greatly improving the stability and production efficiency of Clivia products, and continuing the Group's 20 years of painting experience to create a more stable Product performance! .

Clivia Group – Excellence Award

Clivia Group 20th Anniversary Outstanding Staff Award! In the Clivia family, there are selfless dedication management talents, production talents who work quietly, innovative technical experts, and dedicated engineering leaders. They use action to tell us what is the spirit of ownership; use the example, flash...

Clivia group – 10000 homes, “oil” to “water”.

With the further deepening of environmental protection reform, Shandong Zibo Wanjiayuan Wood Industry, as a leading enterprise in the domestic wood door industry, took the lead in implementing the project of "oil" to "water". As a trustworthy partner of Zibo Wanjiayuan Wood Co., Ltd., Junzilan Group undertook the water-based transformation of Wanjiayuan Wood Industry.

Clivia group – innovation (UV)…

Environmental protection is the theme of the world today. UV coatings are environmentally friendly coatings that do not cause pollution to the environment. With UV, you win! Junzilan Group began to develop UV paint in 2005, and set up UV project research and development center, set up excellent UV paint research and development team in furniture, wooden doors, flooring and other industries to achieve.

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