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Working in Clivia

Job opportunities

Clivia is a modern high-tech enterprise group which integrates research and development, production and sales of wood coatings. It is one of the largest national coatings enterprises in China. Whatever your current career, at what stage of your career, as long as you are interested in the paint industry, within this range, you can look for your own suitable job opportunities in Clivia!

Professional man

We have been looking for colleagues who have rich professional knowledge and are unwilling to be mediocre. They will devote themselves to our vision of "inheriting the ecological beauty and painting the Chinese dream", and regard it as the orientation of their future career development!

Entry training

Our induction training is divided into two items: the first is occupational safety education, the second is group culture training. This induction training program aims to enhance employees'awareness of occupational safety and avoid unnecessary safety hazards in their daily work, while cultural training can help employees better and smoothly integrate into the collective! In addition, we provide more professional skills training for new employees. Initially, we will employ experienced veterans. Work instructions, and participate in professional knowledge and skills training meetings organized by groups and associations periodically。

Promotion Mechanism

In order to support the personal growth of our employees, we provide unique career opportunities to help them set career goals and train their professional qualities and abilities. To this end, we have developed a set of promotion mechanisms; for example, our engineers are divided according to their professional level, contribution, the number of patents, etc., perfect promotion mechanism for employees to provide a good promotion channel, so that they can focus on their own career development according to their strengths and capabilities。

A scholar in reading

For students eager to apply theory and academic knowledge to work practice, Clivia offers you an excellent career development opportunity. Clivia has always attached great importance to the cultivation and reserve of talents, we are dedicated to providing you with internship opportunities; in a working environment with many senior and dedicated colleagues, by transforming knowledge into their own skills, it can be more into their own promotion capital, you can see the current position through a simple job search function. vacancy。